Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letter to my littlest on his first birthday

Dear Reeve,

Just the other day you turned one year old! I can hardly believe it. I seems like yesterday you were kicking the heck out of my belly from inside J You would make my stomach contort into different shapes… it was quite unbelievable to watch! Now you have a head full of hair and are so big. I love you so much buddy. Your smile and the way you “get shy” and wring your hands makes my heart just melt. You are the sweetest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. Always smiling, always making sweet baby noises. I just want to bottle you up so whenever I’m down I can open the bottle up and you can fill me with joy once again. You love being held and posing for the camera. OH MY Gosh are you adorable. When I take out the camera you make a noise (your version of “cheese”) and you open your mouth really wide and show your tonsils. Everyone can’t help but crack up when they see you hamming it up for the photos! I’m still nursing you in the mornings and I just enjoy every minute of you, snuggled in my arms. It’s one of the highlights of my day. Almost every morning you wake up “talking” and your two crazy brothers come barging through into your room and jump in your crib with you. You all wrestle and you climb on them and everyone laughs. All I can hear are giggles through the monitor. Am I not the luckiest mommy to wake up to my three boys giggling? When I go in to pick you up, there you are standing up, smiling from the top of your head to the tips of your toes with your arms outstretched so excited to see me. When I pick you up, you nuzzle your head in my neck and I just want to eat you up. You absolutely love your brothers. When you take a bath with them you like to wash their backs and then smile at them when they look at you. When you knocked over the craft bookcase on top of yourself the other day, Silas covered his eyes and had to look away because he couldn’t bear to see you hurt. He told me later, “Mommy, thank God our baby didn’t get hurt- I was so scared.” Cannon is always watching after you and steals toys from you. You just let him at this point. He likes to make you laugh and you dance when he puts the music on for you. He laughs watching you. Your daddy thinks you are the greatest. One little snuggle and it gives him the energy to keep going and helps alleviate some of the stress. Reeve Michael, you are one special kid. Since the day you were born you’ve been a blessing and a force of love, joy and peace. I can’t imagine not having you part of our family. In so many ways your presence has brought calm to the storms of life. You are my peaceful angel and one day when you read this I hope you know what an undeserved gift from God you were and always will be. I love you Reeve Michael. Happy 1st Birthday!


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