Thursday, October 17, 2013

You know you’re the wife of a police officer if…

  1. When it’s raining, you know he won’t be home on time, ever.

  1. You know better than to complain to him about being hot on a summer’s day in North Carolina... and you know the nastiness that lies underneath the kevlar...

  1. He drives his mini van like his police car.

  1. You know what 10-42 means (among other 10 codes).

  1. You may find yourself on the other side of a homicide investigation, domestic dispute or car wreck just by calling in the middle of his shift to ask if he feels more like shepherd’s pie or tacos for dinner.

  1. Dinner time stories, no matter how graphic, don’t phase you.

  1. You know all the local drunks and insane people by name and where they hang out.

  1. You find bullets in the dryer, in the couch and in random corners of the house.

  1. When the children grow up they want to become… firefighters.

  1. Watching daddy with his gun drawn evokes the same emotions as watching someone twiddle their thumbs.

  1. The wife must work or the family just might starve to death.

  1.  You never feel safer than when you’re with your husband, mostly because you have the inside scoop on the level of badass he is.

  1. No matter how long he’s worn the uniform, when he puts it on he is still sexy as all get out.

  1. He points out expired tags at least 10 times on every road trip with the family as you sit there rolling your eyes.

  1. You’ve watched enough police YouTube videos to become a police officer yourself. 
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  1. I have a lot of them!
    1. I am always on his left so I don't block/occupy his shooting hand.
    2. He ALWAYS faces the door.
    3. People always call with their traffic or legal questions.
    4. Your children can identify an officer's rank by their uniform.
    5. You are confident that your children and their friends will never get away with any illegal activity.
    6. You worry your children will tell people that daddy was "out on a drug buy" last night.

    You are so right about the firefighter thing! That's hilarious!

    1. 1.When the phone rings at three am your reaction is to roll over and say "One of the locals is off their meds again.
      2.An average evening may include delivering triple chocolate brownies at 2am
      to a S.W.A.T. call out.
      3.You know swat stands for Special Weapons and Tactics
      4.When you miss your man and start to worry you flip on the scanner and finally take a deep breath when you hear the phrase ( insert your call sign ) 3 king is 10-12 , then you start breathing again.
      4.Your least favorite 10 codes are 1054 and 1013
      5.1054 = dead body 1013=your guy needs back-up and you might cause a 1054 if they don't hurry.
      6.When you hear your kid involved in the age old "my daddy is tougher than your daddy" squabble... You have every confidence your child will win, hands down.
      7.When you get pulled over it is for a request of homemade cookies.
      8.You are unusually cocky in an emergency.
      9.Your mom ride includes a p a system for clearing the roadway.
      10. When your man grows a goatee and starts tanning it's not an affair, just a undercover.
      11.When asked if you believe there are guardian angels among us, you reply, " of course I sleep next to mine."

      of course I have a million more but I started crying, my angel is watching from afar now and I wish I still found bullets in the dryer.
      The Officers Widow (pinterest)