Saturday, February 4, 2012

What is Love?

When I least expected it, when I least deserved it, He did it again. My Maker, my Savior, my God out of nowhere took me back for Himself. I now know- that I know- that I know that He is a jealous God.

I was just driving down the road not thinking about anything in particular when I felt my heart being directed toward gratitude. I started feeling like I couldn’t process it all, that it was somehow too much for me to grasp, to understand. It came as a flood and I felt completely inundated with this gratitude. I will admit that sometimes I really get emotional about all the blessings that God has poured out on my life… but today was different.

It had nothing to do with life’s circumstances, my beautiful boys or my amazing friends and family.

*It wasn’t about me*

It was as though God just decided, “I’ll meet you where you are and surprise and delight you with Myself.” For a moment that felt like forever, I just basked. The way the sun’s rays warm the skin on a summer’s day and put a shimmering glow to the face- so it was with my soul.

I knew only peace, only hope, and so free- the freedom!

This truth touched my spirit and all I knew was love.

I’ve sang a million times in a million songs about God’s love for me. But when it goes from knowing to tasting; from reading to experiencing- that’s God.

He IS love.

I was overwhelmed and overcome with the love of God. Who am I that He should give me this gift? All I saw and all I knew was perfect peace and contentment. Although I’ve read scripture before, today I believed the truth that He is sufficient. He is enough. In fact, He is more than enough. These gifts, these blessings- the happiness in our days, the challenges we overcome, the courtesy of a stranger, the sacrifice of a friend- these are things we are right to be grateful for. Not because God somehow loves us more because we have these things but because all these things point us to Him.

It is He who is our prize! He is our treasure.

It finally makes sense that perfect love casts out all fear because there is no fear with God.

Everyday, in all things good, He is there- shouting to us through all things beautiful that He loves us. We so often just miss it- we miss Him.
After reflecting on the riches of His goodness, I found myself sobbing- tears just rolling down my cheeks. I was just touched by my Creator. The lover of my soul, my friend.

Just as fast as it came upon me, it left. This perfect place I was at was met with the harsh reality of life. It left me in want- in desperate need for more. I knew I needed to read His Word. Not to check off one more thing from my to-do list, but to really meet Him and experience Him once again. I needed Him. I lost my way and forgot what I was missing out on! What a reminder that it’s not about me after all. How kind of Him to give me a sneak peak into a world of unspeakable grace and love. Oh- the Love!

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